Image of Loulou João - Broken Heart Pin

Loulou João - Broken Heart Pin

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Broken Heart Pin by Loulou João.
Rainbow plated pin that reflect and shine with different colours
+ glow in the dark broken heart
Loulou João believes that we need a new wave of defocussing on overly perfect, positive and seemingly succesful imagery that overwhelms our daily life. By accepting and opening our minds to the negativity that surrounds us, we can truly see the world as it is and do something about it!

In her world the broken heart is a symbol of hope. It reflects true emotion that leads to real growth, leaving behind the numbing fog that keeps people in check. Only through the negative we can experience the positive. Be true to others and, more importantly, to yourself!
Soft enamel
Mint green rubber clutch
Size 30mm
Produced by WHAM office + Loulou João


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