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Loulou João - Scarf 01

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Scarf 01 by Loulou João
Loulou João is an AfroBelgian visual artist and illustrator. Due to her mixed roots she developed an interdimensional worldview.
She approaches political, cultural, socio-economic and historical aspects of the white world in an analytical way.
Investigating how white superiority is upheld and how it affects her own identity and position within this societal setting.
She attempts to shine a different light on the narration and representation of black and mixed women. She sees blackness as a technology. One that is constantly evolving to survive and go up against objectification and oppression.
By making use of tools that belong in the world of video game development, she visualises her own reality. Within this reality, she wants to address constructions such as race, and take on a different approach on the white world.
Scarf 145 x 17cm
100% acrylic
Edition of 30
Produced by WHAM office


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